The Love Leigh Peg Fundraiser

We currently have a community run fundraiser happening that is rather special and unique. The fundraiser is in the form of a green peg named ‘Peg’ and she is available for people to take home and enjoy / put to work / take to social occasions etc. In return for this honour, the hosts then make a large or small donation to our school. The hosts also take photos of Peg’s adventures with them and we post them on her own Facebook page – ‘Love Leigh Peg‘.

To date she has raised just over $2250 and we hope to raise as much as we can of the $7,000 that we need to repair our school pool. (More info about the school pool repairs and why they are needed here.)

Peg has been on local walks, attended a Rodney Council meeting, helped with weed eradication, done a days work landscaping, delivered union speeches to other pegs, been Stand Up Paddle-boarding, watched a Lion’s game, gate-crashed a wedding, been on a Northland sightseeing trip with students from Minnesota University, worked in Leigh’s marine lab, helped with catering, been held for ransom, done charity work in Auckland and much much more.

We also have the option for people to use a Peg stunt double if they live out of the area, or overseas, and wish to participate in our vital fundraiser.

If you have a need for Peg in your life please contact Melissa to discuss.

Read on below the pictures for the background of how Peg came to be….

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**Peg’s Story**
Peg is a rather awesome wee green clothes peg who local character David Crockett spotted lying in the dust at the bottom of a photo for a pile of free bricks on our local Love Leigh community fb page. He commented on the post asking if he could purchase the Peg for the grand total of $1 to the owner and $4 for the local school. The owner agreed. So he bought the peg and the previous owner made the donation to Leigh School. That night David posted some humorous comments and pics up on our community page and suggested that everyone buys her and makes a donation to the school. Then I, (his daughter and the admin of this page), bought her, took her home and photographed her helping out around home and then advertised her services…Next up local lady Judy bought her and took Peg home to give a speech to her own pegs, then Wendy had a turn and then Jenine and so it has continued…

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