Update – School Pool Project

Update to our school pool project!!

Big long post to follow! The short version is that the school has been generously donated $8k towards the pool repairs but this is in order to undertake a more expensive, but considerably longer lasting option, plastering instead of painting. So the Love Leigh Peg will continue to help fundraise the difference.

The Leigh School Board of Trustees are excited to announce that the school has received an $8000 donation towards the school pool repairs!

The Board have been working with Mathesons Bay resident Glenn Dalton, who has considerable experience installing and repairing pools, on deciding the best approach to fix the school pool. Instead of repainting, Glenn has recommended that we tile and plaster the pool which will provide a higher quality and longer-term solution (the plaster has a 25 year warranty). To help make this happen Glenn has raised $8000 from some very generous donors and is aiming to raise another $4000 to cover the costs of the plastering. We are very grateful for Glenn’s generous help as this will mean that the pool should be able to be fixed and ready in time for summer!

However we still need to keep fundraising as with this option we still need to sandblast the pool first, then tile around the waterline, paint the outside edges and lip of the pool, upgrade the filter, get a new chlorine system, replace the drain grating, repair the sun-shade and finally refill the pool with water.

The school is very grateful for Love Leigh Peg’s ongoing contributions to the pool project – now over $2000! The funds raised by Peg will be essential to completing the job. Well done Leigh community, thanks for getting in behind this project and for your continuing support to the school.

The overall cost of the project is now obviously considerably more than the original $7000 target for repainting the pool, but the final product will be far superior and ensure the preservation of this valuable resource for the school and community.

Julie Turner & the Leigh School BOT’.

Ideally we hope to repaint the pool by October / November so we can be using it again this summer.
If you would like to contribute to the pool fund please contact Melissa to discuss, or to request the school bank account details.
Original post:
Leigh School is currently fundraising to repaint and resurface our much utilised school pool. The pool is used daily by our entire school over summer, with an extended season as we have a solar cover to keep it warm. During the school holidays pool keys are sold to local families at a very cheap rate to enable the whole community to use the pool, as it is the only one in our area.
Swimming is an essential part of our curriculum due to our close location to the sea. Our students all need to have good water survival skills.
The pool was last painted in 2009. Its current state is dire, and it is probable that we will not be able to use it this coming summer if we do not get it repaired and repainted soon.
The main problems are that the existing paint is coming off in large flakes and sand is now coming out of the concrete. This is going through the pump filtration unit and causing major issues which is likely to permanently damage the pump if we continued to run it. We also have problems with increased algae growth which due to the pitted surface, is harder to shift and clean off the concrete.
We are currently repainting the buildings in our school using Ministry of Education Cyclical Maintenance funding, but it is only allowed to be used for buildings. As you may have seen in the media over the last few years, small schools in particular struggle to maintain and paint the pools and many have to close them. Our school currently has just over 50 pupils.
In the last couple of months we have fundraised a considerable amount and are continuing to do this with a unique community-wide fundraiser the ‘Love Leigh Peg’, (more info on the fundraiser and what she has raised here). We have also made enquiries through ASB Trust who used to help schools with this sort of thing, but do not any longer, and we are talking to Warkworth Rotary too.
Ideally we hope to repaint the pool by October / November so we can be using it again this summer.
If you would like to contribute to the pool fund please contact Melissa to discuss, or for the school bank account details.

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