2017 Projects

At Leigh School we are constantly working to improve the school and make it a better environment for our children to learn in.

Here are descriptions of some of the projects we have coming up or that we are currently fundraising for (we have a number of other smaller projects on the go too – but these are the big ones).

 New Classrooms

Construction is now in progress of the new open plan classrooms. Arrival date is now 27th March, with all landscaping etc completed by May 2017. The children will be in the classrooms at the start of Term 2. We have been lucky to also negotiate the installation of additional water tanks. These will be partially submerged and will massively increase our water supply, avoiding us needing to purchase water for drinking, and also provide water for our veggie garden and pool.

We are fundraising at Carnival this year for Modern Learning Environment style furniture for throughout the classrooms and library spaces.

Pool Repaint

Our much loved pool is such a resource for our community and it is in desperate need of a paint. As well as looking unattractive, flakes of paint are clogging the filters and causing issues. So this is one of our focuses for fundraising this year.



Native Tree Planting

We were lucky enough to receive some funding from Auckland City Council in 2014 to start our project of greatly increasing the amount of native trees and plants around our grounds. The first stage has been completed and we look forward to continuing this with the landscaping that will happen around our new classrooms.
Environmental-Leigh / Toitū-te-Whenua
Brief description:  We want to plant the edges of our school field (used by the whole community) with natives trees and plants & (eventually) also edibles.
* more shade for all users
* an environment for rare native birds moving between the local sanctuaries of Hauturu (Little Barrier) and Tawharanui
* environmental sustainability learning for our children
* unique outdoor-learning spaces
* children cooking, preserving, marketing, selling the edibles
* any excess fruit available to our community
Long term goals and objectives of the project-
To teach our children and our children’s children about the concepts of kaitiaakitanga.
– We hope that this project will engender a sense of connection to the whenua (land) in the young children that are involved with the project.
– We hope that it will inspire them to see that they can make a positive impact on the land and that they will carry this ethos forward with them as they grow into adults.
– We hope that they will develop an interest in the habitat of native birds and insects and a desire to protect the birds, insects and their habitats.
– We hope that the community will come together to work on this project and thereby become a more cohesive and environmentally motivated group of people as a whole.
– We hope that this small space of land will essentially become a slice of regenerated forest, and act as part of a vital chain between Hauturu and Tawharanui, providing food and roosting for native birds, and a home for native invertebrates.
– We hope that this area of bush will be a rich source of learning opportunities for our children and for all visitors to our area.

– We anticipate that eventually rare native birds will be visiting us, avoiding us having to pay large amounts of money to take our children on school trips by bus and ferry to see them!

We see it as a long term, multi-stage project and will be carried out as funding permits.