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Leigh School students discover and follow their passions with integrity and compassion, helping to create a stronger world.


We build our students’ ability to learn and their emotional strength, then we connect students’ interests to their culture and local community.


-school helps students to become independent learners

-personal success is built on a strong foundation of reading, writing, maths

-every interaction requires respect, compassion, and honesty

-school should be safe for all

-we should all be proud of our cultures

-school is part of, and strengthens, the local community

-caring for and protecting our local environment is important

-children grow when they follow their own interests

The above Vision and Mission and Values Statement was revised by the BOT during 2014 using the information and feedback from our November 2013 community consultation meeting, plus additional feedback on the draft version from our school whanau and the wider Leigh community.

Our revised Strategic Plan is guided by this vision and these beliefs – so we hope reflect the goals and aspirations of our whole community.

Click here to view the current Leigh School 3 year Strategic Plan or the annually revised Action Plan



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