Our Classes



The most exciting news about our classes is that in March 2017 we received two brand new purpose built classrooms for our middle and senior classes. They are being completed at present and will be ready to use at the beginning of Term 2. The teachers and BOT have spent many, many hours researching successful Innovative Learning Environment style classrooms and the teaching styles that work best with them.

With this in mind they have made careful classroom design and furniture selections and the entire school greatly looks forward to seeing all of this work come to fruition very soon!



Additional information

Leigh School has small class sizes and an excellent student to teacher ratio.

As we combine our classes 0/1/2, 2/3/4, 4/5/6, the children learn from those older than them and are encouraged to mentor the younger students. This creates a lovely caring environment and also encourages the children to challenge themselves. With the flexibility of our new classroom design we are able to maximise this shared learning even more with the ability to utilise large spaces as a whole group, or separate out into smaller groups in different spaces.



Our classrooms are well equipped with all the latest technology such as iPads, Chromebooks and MacBooks, enabling the kids to keep abreast of current technology. (In fact in 2013 we were one of only a few schools in New Zealand to have received ChromeBooks – donated directly by Google. Chromebooks weren’t even for sale in NZ at the time!)


Junior Class

Teacher Rachel Waterhouse


Middle Class
Teacher Dominique Vikstrand


Senior Class
Teacher Debbie Fox