Our Classes


Our Classes

In March 2017 we received a beautiful brand new purpose built classroom. This classroom is used by Te Waipuna Year 0/1/2 and Te Awa which is Year 1/2/3 and backs onto our productive school garden.  During 2020 the original learning spaces are being revamped to create a beautiful open learning space for our Year 4/5/6 Te Moana students. Work has started on this and the results are pleasing.

The teachers and BOT have spent many hours researching successful Innovative Learning Environment style classrooms and the teaching styles that work best with them. With this in mind they have made careful classroom design and furniture selections and they are enjoying exploring the options that the new environment provides.

Leigh School has small class sizes and an excellent student to teacher ratio. As all of our classes are composite classes, e.g. Te Waipuna  is Year 0/1/2, Te Awa is 1/2/3, and Te Moana is Year 4/5/6, the children learn from those older than themselves and are encouraged to mentor the younger students. This creates a lovely caring environment and also encourages the children to challenge themselves. With the flexibility of our new classroom designs, we will be able to maximise this shared learning even more.

The older students learn mentoring and leadership skills and actively participate in reading programmes with the younger children e.g TTP (Teina / Tuakana Panui). Young students are encouraged and inspired by the older children, creating a whanau like atmosphere of helping and caring for each other – and we believe this results in well rounded, responsible young people leaving the school at the end of their time here.

Te Waipuna

Teacher Bronte Waata

Te Awa

Teacher Dominique Vikstrand

Te Moana

Teacher Emma Edwards
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