Have a Go Sailing

On Friday our Year 5 and 6 students went to Algies Bay to try their hand at sailing. Jade Faithful was awarded Sailor of the Day after an outstanding single handed sail. She managed to master the turns and looked like a professional out on the water. All students pushed themselves to try new things and worked collaboratively to master the art of sailing. Thanks to our wonderful parent helpers who make these days possible, and to Joe Haggit for stepping up and thanking the team on the schools behalf from Have a Go Sailing.

Tabloid Sports

Last Wednesday our year 2 & 3 children spent the day at the Showgrounds in Warkworth as it was Tabloid Sports! This is the local school junior sports day. The weather was great and loads of fun was had! Thank you as always to all our fantastic parent helpers and extra thank you to Caroline for taking these great photos.

Leigh School at the Goat Island Discovery Centre

Last Friday the Year 4 & 5 students attended a workshop at the Goat Island Discovery centre run by Tim Haggit and Jaden, Dave, James, Jordon and Amy from For the Better Good. Jaden gave a solution-based story around coming up with alternatives to plastic and shared a fully compostable plant based water bottle that he has created in collaboration with others. Our students asked insightful questions and then went out and listened to Jaden speak about the labs composting systems.  Delicious scones, made by Joe and Lily’s mum Caroline, were scoffed down and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thank you again Caroline! After morning tea they explored the touch tanks and then undertook some scientific testing on a variety of plastics. Thanks to all of our wonderful parents who helped with transport on the day and Tim and his crew at the lab for providing this wonderful learning experience.

Welcome to Kerrin Jamieson our new principal
at Leigh School

We had a very exciting day yesterday at Leigh School! Welcomed our new Principal Kerrin Jamieson with a powhiri. Kerrin brought her family, friends as well as colleagues and her class from Warkworth Primary School. This was celebrated after with a morning tea, thank you to all the parents who helped us.

Athletics Day at Leigh School

We had an awesome Athletics Day at Leigh School last Wednesday! I was really impressed at how hard everyone tried to do their best 😀 and thank you very much to Rita, Torey and Sonny from Mahu. It was great to have your help!

Auckland Transport Travelwise Programme

We were lucky today to have Julie and Sam from the Auckland Transport Travelwise Programme at school today. They did a helmet and bike check at lunchtime then worked with the year 6 children doing a speed check on cars passing Leigh School! Was good to see that 50kms was the highest speed.

Pet Day at Leigh School 2019

We had our annual Pet Day yesterday. It is a busy day and children and parents are often very busy leading up to this. The children really love Pet Day and I am always blown away by the creativity and effort the children put into their Pet Day creations.
We also had a visit from Shawn Bishop from The Animal Sanctuary in Matakana. She gave a great talk to the children about what they do and how to help injured birds.
Thank you very much to our judges: Delwyn from the Leigh General Store, Brenda from the Leigh Pre-school, Tine & Stone from Goat Island Dive & Snorkel, George (Liz Jones partner), Gemma & Liz (our awesome teacher aides) and Ian (Fay’s husband). Thank you also to Wiri, Keria, Maite and Awa who organised the BBQ and baking at lunch time on Pet Day!

Climate Change Strike in Leigh!

All  the children at Leigh School marched with the Leigh Preschool, Goat Island Marine Reserve students & staff today to bring awareness about climate change!!


We had our last session with Hugo from Tennis Monsters Thursday!

Grandparents Day

Grandparents day is the highlight of the year! It is wonderful to see the children sharing their learning with their grandparents, we also have a number of great grandparents this year! We shared our Arts Program also. Thank you to everyone who came and thank you to the Friends of Leigh for helping out with the food, team & coffee.

Te wiki o te reo Maori

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou katoa. Greetings to you all. As you may be aware it is Māori language week this week. Te wiki o te reo Maori provides an opportunity to celebrate and learn te reo Maori, helping to secure its future as a living, dynamic, and rich language. Kia Kaha te reo Maori is the theme, so when we say ‘Kia Kaha te Reo Maori’ we’re saying – ‘Let’s make the Maori language strong’. I know that all the classes have had a focus on speaking te reo, particularly this week. We received a number of nga pukapuka ataahua (beautiful books) from the Ministry. Te Waipuna have been learning these in the morning and then teaching them to the older children. This nurtures a learning environment that recognises the value of ako – the Maori concept means both to teach and to learn and it acknowledges the way that new knowledge and understandings can grow out of shared learning experiences.


We are very lucky to have Hugo back at Leigh School from Tennis Monsters. He will working with the children over 4 sessions up at the Leigh Tennis courts. He even has some new tennis gear for the school to keep!!


 Well done to all our children, another great season of Hockey comes to an end. Thank you very much to everyone who helped us through the season, parents, grandparents, managers and coaches!

NZ Playhouse

Last Friday we had a visit from the New Zealand Playhouse. Playhouse delivers educational, inspirational, extremely entertaining theatre to over 450 schools across New Zealand and Australia. They performed the Tortoise and the Hare. This adventurous and interactive adaptation of Aesop’s beloved fable had our children (and teachers) laughing and learning about diversity, kindness and how to be a real winner.

Auckland Art Gallery

The whole of Leigh School had a fantastic trip to the Auckland Art Gallery on Thursday! It was a long bus ride but well worth it. Thank you very much to all the parents who helped out on the day!

Cross Country

Last Wednesday we had our Cross Country races at Leigh School. The weather was kind and I was really impressed by the children’s participation and determination!

Warkworth Museum

Leigh School visited the Warkworth Museum last Monday. We are focusing on Social Science and inquiring about how people record the past in different ways. Why is storytelling important and how has the art of storytelling changed over time? I know many of the children really enjoyed used the old phones! Thank you to all the parents for their help on the day!

New Zealand Geographic

The children in Te Moana helped finish the penguin box project which was initially started in term 4 of 2018 with Andrew Jeffs from the University of Auckland & Leigh Marine Lab. In term 1 a photographer took photos of the children and penguin boxes. The article in the New Zealand Geographic came out yesterday featuring the photo of Leigh Primary kids. 

Matariki Feast

What a fantastic couple of days we have had at School. Friday started early with lighting the fire over the hangi pit. Once it had burnt down the children helped load the kai into the baskets. At 12.30 with a lots of parent help the kai was unloaded and the feast began. Delicious kai, even pudding! It was great to see the whole process. Thank you to everyone who helped especially Theresa, Lili, Matt and Issac!!

Sharing Our Learning for Term 2

Yesterday, while we waited for the hangi to cook the children were able to share this terms learning with parents and grandparents. Great work!

Matariki Feast Preparation

Thursday Leigh School spent the afternoon preparing for our Matariki Feast. All the children helped peel vegetables and helped prepare the hangi pit with Theresa, Lili, Matt and Issac.

Support Staff Assembly

Leigh School had a special assembly this Friday to say a huge thank you to all our support staff! They are a big part of our school and I know Julie, Debbie, Dominique, myself and the children really appreciate all their time and effort.
The children present them with gifts to show our appreciation!

Penguin Boxes

The children in Te Moana helped finish the penguin box project which was initially started in term 4 of 2018 with Andrew Jeffs from the University of Auckland & Leigh Marine Lab. In term 1 2019 a writer from New Zealand Geographic Magazine took photos at school and will be publishing an article in the magazine. Last Friday Kerry Lukies from the University of Auckland helped the children place the penguin boxes in Leigh. Thank you to Christina Harley for her great Penguin Box photos. Great project to be involved in!

Huge thank you to the Leigh Marine Laboratory

On Monday Peter Browne and Jimmy Rapson installed a new television screen in The House of Learning. This now means that our presentations to children and parents will be on a much bigger screen and therefore more easily visible. This television was very kindly donated by Boyd Taylor at the Leigh Marine Laboratory and will prove to be a great asset as the first stage in our upgrade of The House of Learning planned for this year. thank you so much Boyd!

Leigh School in the media

Check out little Leigh School, we are in two different publications this week for our Salps project. First is an article in our local Mahurangi Matters.
Also have a look at our article in the New Zealand EducationHQ magazine.

Thank you

Follows is a list of sponsors who supported us with the Leigh Summer Festival. Some of the donations provided were in the form of providing us with equipment, some were providing their time and some were donations of money. Without this amazing support, we would never have been able to make the profit of $16,000 that we did.
Lee Fish (The Fisheries)
Leigh Eats
Leigh Bar
Leigh General Store
John Kemp
Scott Wilson
Patoka HomeKill
Topuni Timber
Hot Az Hell
Thrive Catering
G.J Gardner Homes
Wellsford 4 Square
Gull Matakana
Junction Magazine
Mahurangi Matters
Rodney Times
Will Searle – Built Environments
Insite Security
New World Warkworth
Coca Cola Amatil
Printing Consultants
Northland Waste
Mike & Fiona Francis
Simple Signman
Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre
THOR Charters
Leigh Electrical
Leigh Motors
Frick Atkins
Leigh Central
The Village Butchery Matakana
Matakana Liquor
Strongman’s Trucking
Pam Brown
Amy & Cleo Penman
Levi, Mema, Fish and Bread
Hayley (Bands)
Warkworth Toyota
Greene’s Painting
Geokincern Ltd
Amy Bridgford and her daughter Dahli
Mike Pero
Norma Jean Charters
Mahu City Express
Bayley’s Real Estate
Eden Consultants
Acorn Chiropractic
Biscuit (Robert McLean)
Matakana Smokehouse
Rhodes for Roads
L J Hooker

Leigh School Swimming Sports 2019

We had great weather and great swimming this Wednesday for our annual Swimming Sports. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to watch our children. Great participation and the hi-light was Mrs Fox’s fun relay race! Special thank you to Nick for helping me with the placings and Kate for these wonderful photos.

Inter School Swimming Sports

A small number of Leigh School children went to the Inter School Swimming at Mahurangi College this Wednesday. They all made us proud! Gigi, Poppy Douglas, Freya and Kalani all made it to finals which is fantastic. Poppy, Gigi, Douglas and Joe also came 3rd in the Year 5 Freestyle relay!! Thank you very much to all the parents who helped out for the day.

Snorkelling at the Goat Island Marine Reserve

What a great experience we had last Friday snorkelling at the Goat Island Marine Reserve! Thank you very much to all the parents who helped with transport and swimming with the children.

Goat Island Discovery Centre

Today all the children at Leigh School visited the Goat Island Discovery Centre. As you will know this is part of a research/inquiry project about Salps: The Ocean Vacuum cleaner: Salp bloom effects on the carbon cycle and marine food web. We are working Moira (NIWA), Claudio (AUT), Tim (Goat Island Discover Centre and Tine (Goat Island Dive & Snorkel). We are very lucky to be a part of this project. Today was our second visit to the Discovery Centre were we caught up with Moria after her to research trip to the Chatham Rise. Check out the NIWA website for more info…/voyag…/tan1810-ocean-vacuum-cleaner
The children had a great time and we are so looking forward to our snorkelling trip which is planned for next Monday were we should see and be able to take photos of Salps. Then the year 5 & 6 children will be working with Claudio and the App his team have designed. Exciting!

Snorkelling in the pool

There was great excitement this Monday as Tine Roland and her crew from Goat Island Dive & Snorkel came to Leigh School to help our kids practice snorkelling. This is in preparation for our Salps snorkelling trip next Monday. The year 5 & 6 children also learnt how to use underwater cameras thanks to Tim (The Goat Island Discovery Centre) and Claudio (Auckland University of Technology). Very cool!

Prize Giving

Yesterday afternoon we had a great prize giving at the Leigh Hall. We celebrated our year 6 children who are leaving. We acknowledged the children who have excelled in each class. Celebrated achievement in Hockey. Each class performed and all the children sung for all the parents, whanau and friends. Thank you to everyone involved, it was a lovely afternoon!


Salp questions

Moria Decima on board the Tangaroa answers more questions about salps.

Click on the link below to check it out:

Surf Life Saving NZ Beach Education

All of Leigh School headed to Mangawhai beach this Tuesday for Beach Ed. It was a fantastic day, the weather was cool but no hail of thunderstorms! The children learnt about staying safe at the while having fun. This is taken by trained lifeguards and the older children learnt how to identify hazards such as rips etc. Thank you to the parents who provided transport those who braved the water to help keep our children safe.


Moirs Point Mangawhai Camp 2018

Looks like the kids had an amazing time on camp this year! Huge thank you to all the parents who where able to help out, can’t do it without you!!!



As you are all aware AUT – Auckland University of Technology’s Applab, Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre, Goat Island Dive & Snorkel and NIWA teamed up with students and teachers at Leigh School to develop an underwater citizen science project with a difference: Making salps count!

The students at Leigh School are beginning to work with marine scientists and the Year of the Salps project partners to learn how to count sea salps and understand salp life cycle phases at a local case study site: Goat island Marine Reserve in Northland, New Zealand.
With the #SalpPOOP voyage underway, students are continuing their learning remotely by asking the experts on board Tangaroa questions about salps.

Click on the link below to check it out:…

Read more about the Year of Salps project here:


We are very lucky to have Hugo Santos from Tennis Monsters coaching our children every Friday morning during November. He works with each class at their skill level. Using fun games to learn tennis skills, the kids really enjoy it! Thank you to the Leigh Tennis Club for letting the school use their courts.


This Thursday we had a visit from Moe Richardson who is an Education Advisor at Swimming New Zealand. She worked with each class in the pool. This was training for our teachers. There was a particular focus on swimming survival skills. The children all had a great time and the teachers had some expert advice. In a couple of weeks we will be using the pool every day after lunch for swimming.

Athletics Day

We had fantastic weather for our annual Athletics Day at Leigh School this week. It was awesome to see all the children participating and trying their hardest at shot put, discus, long jump, high jump and sprints. The House Relay is always a crowd pleaser and this year the Whales won! Thank you everyone who helped on the day.

Leigh School Community Meeting

It’s been five years, almost to the day, since our last Community Consultation. We had an excellent turn-out of parents and community members who contributed a total of 378 ideas in response to the same three questions we are using for this consultation. These ideas were collated and reworked over many weeks into the following vision, mission and belief statements. We asked the same three questions at the meeting this week.

How do you want your children to be?

What do you want your children to learn?

What do you want your children to care about?

Thank you very much to everyone who came along, there was some great ideas and discussions. We will be collating all this and letting you know the outcome. Watch this space…

Pet Day

Pet Day at Leigh School is always a wonderful day where our children can share their Art and Design skills with us. This year we had some very clever entries into the Visual Art, Photography, Baking, Miniature Gardens, Sand Saucer and Flower Arrangements categories. It also gives all the children the opportunity to bring a pet to school for judging. Before lunch we had a visit from Julie Thompson who runs Julies Animal Shelter in Kaipara Flats. She spoke with the children and thanked them for their donation earlier in the year. In the afternoon we had House games on the field and the weather was amazing. Thank you to all the judges and whanua who helped out on the day!


Leigh School’s visit to the Goat Island Discovery Centre this Tuesday was fun. It was to kick off our Inquiry work the children will be working on this term and term 1 of 2019, looking at the marine organisms ‘salps’. We learnt that salps are a type of zooplankton and they play a major role in ocean biogeochemistry and climate change. We will be working closely with Tim Haggitt from the Discovery Centre, Claudio Aguayo from AUT, Moira Decima from NIWA Taihoro Nukurangi and Stone Meharry from Goat Island Dive & Snorkel. It is a very exciting project and the children really enjoyed the launch day and they asked a number of great questions. Thank you to all the parents who helped us with transport!

Pirates vs Mermaids

Pirate vs Mermaids. What a great show we had last Wednesday night at the Leigh Hall. Thank you again to everyone for all their help and well done to all the children for their great performances!!!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy there all ye landlubbers. Wednesday was “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”. Avast ye, beware there be many a flibustier around this day, shiver me timbers! We’ll need to take care of our duffle and store them abaft as those freebooters are known to hornswaggle and cheat. Batten down the hatches me hearties! Arrrrrhhhhhh!!!
Much fun was had last Wednesday, what an amazing turnout of pirates to get us into the roles that we’ll be taking on in our production next week –“Pirates versus Mermaids”.
Remember that we’ll be performing the show on Wednesday night – 26 September, at 6.00 p.m. with a supper to follow. Please bring along a plate on the night.
Thank you so much to all those who have helped by providing props, getting children’s costumes organized and with the scenery etc – it all looks amazing!

ASB GetWise

Last week we had a flying visit from Tamati who works for the ASB GetWise schools programme. Through the workshops the children learnt about the fundamentals of money in four different stages – from identifying needs and wants and learning to save, right through to budgeting – giving them a solid foundation to build on. Tamati made this learning so much fun and he told Julie that he was very impressed with how much our children already knew!

Hockey Prize Giving

It was a great night at the Leigh Sawmill Cafe for our Leigh School hockey prize giving. Thank you to Leigh Eats and the Sawmill for donating player of the day vouchers for all our young hockey players. Thank you to parents and grandparents for supporting their children throughout the 15 week season. Special mention to Calla and Poppy’s grandmother Stevi who paid for the children pizzas, chips and lemonade for the evening!!! And all this would not be possible with out our amazing coaches and manager, great dedication/commitment from Kate and Helen (plus me) who are volunteers. Shout out to Nicky for donating our gifts! That leaves our amazing children, they had a great season of hockey and have made us all very proud!!!!

Inter School Hockey

We had a fantastic day at the Warkworth turf today. The children did well and had loads of fun. Thank you to all the parents who provided baking as the hockey is the one Inter School Sports event that Leigh School is in charge of. So the ‘Friends of Leigh School’ where there selling baking, sausage, drinks and ice blocks. Special thank you to Nicky and Kate for proving transport and our awesome umpires from Mahurangi College.

Red Riding Robyn Hood

This term at Leigh School we are focusing on the Arts – Drama, Music, Singing and Visual Art. So, we have a visit from the New Zealand Playhouse on Friday. They performed ‘Red Riding Robyn Hood’ a play that challenges you to think about traditional gender roles, bravery and standing up for what’s right.

King George has lost the plot! In his never-ending quest to build bigger palaces, giant walls and enormous statues of himself he has raised the Land Far Far Away tax rate to 101%! Jack and Jill can’t afford to get a pail of water, Little-Bo-Peep has to sell her sheep, and even the Princess is so hungry she ate the pea.

When even the bravest of Knights are too scared to stand up to him, the Land Far Far Away cries out for a hero to put a stop to the madness of the King.

Luckily their cries are heard by a mysterious red hooded figure with a bow and arrow, a basket of goodies and some very unlikely ‘Big Bad’ backup.

100 day party

Te Waipuna celebrated last Friday because we had been at School for 100 days! During the day the children made 100 paper chains, 100 day party hats, brought in 100 things from home, did a lot of counting and had a load of fun! We finished with a shared afternoon tea and invited parents and the Leigh PreSchool. It was a great day and thank you to all those who helped!

Inter School Cross Country

… it was raining as we travelled to a wet, wintery, Warkworth early Wednesday morning. The rain continued as we splashed across the swishy soft grass to our small oasis from the weather. Spirits where high and so was the mud up our legs!! What a wet fun day the children had and we are all very proud of how well everyone did. Great participation and great effort. Special mentions to Emmy and Poppy who both came 1st in their year races, as well as Tui who came 4th in her race!

Working Bee

A good number of volunteers meant the work list was almost completed. Excellent effort by all those involved, many of whom commented that it was an enjoyable afternoon. Nice weather also. Thanks to the school for providing a bbq and refreshments! Big thank you also to Peter Browne for organising another successful working bee!

Road Safety

This term all the children at Leigh School are learning about Road Safety. So, we had a visit from Bernie Watt our Police education officer based in Orewa. He talked to the children about how to cross the road safely, sneaky driveways, zebra crossings and walking along rural roads. The children also learnt about police cars, got to use the loud speaker, try on some police clothes and sit inside the police car. Listening to the siren was also a highlight!

Kahurangi Māori Dance Theatre

At Leigh School last Tuesday morning we were lucky enough to have the Kahurangi Māori Dance Theatre come and perform for us as a final celebration of Matariki. They performed their ‘People of the Pacific’ show. It was a dazzling, rhythmic spectacle, bringing to life the traditional songs and dances of New Zealand’s Māori and neighbouring South Pacific cultures. They also performed using music and colourful costumes from Tahiti, Hawaii, Samoa and the Cook Islands.

Friends Matariki Youth Poetry Literary Motif Award

Congratulations to the fabulous Leigh School children who are collaborative winners of the ‘Friends Matariki Youth Poetry Literary Motif Award’. Fleur Coleman came to our Friday assembly to present Aotearoa to the children, a beautiful book signed by Gavin Bishop and sponsored by Matakana Village Bookshop.

Grandparents Day

Thank you to all the grandparents, parents and family members who were able to help us celebrate the end of a great term at Leigh School. It is always wonderful to see the children sharing their learning with their grandparents.

Our market day was also a huge success! Some many fantastic products for sale. The children had been learning about working within a group: collaboration, contributing, negotiating and interdependent. They had also been managing themselves: setting goals, building resilience, being focused and organised.

They had worked their way through deciding on a product to make, the resources they will need, making a prototype, testing and then improving their product, gauging other people’s opinions and finally making the product by themselves, to sell!

St John at Leigh School

Last Friday we were lucky to have a visit from Nikoli with St John Ambulance. She spoke with the children about Injury Prevention. The programme provides young people with the skills and knowledge to take responsibility for their own health and well-being and the well-being of others. We learnt that 70 children are hospitalised every week from falls in New Zealand, that is more than all the children in our school. Thank you Nikoli, we had fun learning with you.

International Firefighters’ Day at Leigh School

We had a special visit from our awesome local volunteer fire fighters Friday at Leigh School because it was International Firefighters’ Day! Jenny Marcroft, our local NZ First MP spoke to the children about what an great job firefighters do for us and then we heard from the firefighters themselves. Thank you from all of us at Leigh School, we appreciate the great work they do for our community!!

Te Awa Bake Sale

As part of our Inquiry this term Te Awa decided to have a Bake Sale to raise money to buy a tree to plant at school. We think trees are very important in our environment. We wrote letters to get permission to hold our Bake Sale and to ask for help on our big baking day. We let everyone know about the Bake Sale by making posters, flyers and talking about the sale at Assembly. We also put a reminder in the School newsletter. We had our big baking day in the House of Learning and the next day we held our Bake Sale. We sold everything and made $63.50 to buy our tree. We also received a $10 donation from someone who thought we were being great citizens so we now have $73.50 to spend. Now we just have to research and plan our purchase then plant our tree. A big thank you to everyone who brought our delicious baking and the parents who helped us!

Brighter Seas Brighter Future – Term 1 Inquiry

This term at Leigh School we are all learning about ‘Climate Change’ and as ‘Good Citizens’ we will be working out what we can do to help. As we are part of the Pacific Ocean we are focusing our Inquiry on the Pacific Islands. So week 3 of term the whole of Leigh School went on a fantastic trip down to Kelly Tarlton’s for the day. A huge thank you to all the parents who came and helped out!

2018 Fundraising Event – Summer Fair!

A huge thank you to all of our local and extended area community for your support of our new fundraising venture… the Leigh Summer Festival!
As everyone who came along on the day will know, the weather was a mixed bag, with some showers turning heavy setting in from around 1pm. Regardless, we had an amazing day and will definitely be repeating the formula next year.
The bands and market were fantastic – thank you to all the locals that were involved in some way. The food tent again had lots of local supporters and volunteers, as did the Silent Auction.
There are way too many people to thank individually on here, but special thanks do go out to the community volunteers who helped out with set up, on the day and with pack down. Our major sponsor as usual was Lee Fisheries and this year we also had a major donation from ITM Matakana which helped us pay for the sound and music. All of our exceedingly generous sponsors can be found on the school website and also acknowledgements of many of the larger ones are on the Leigh Summer Festival fb page.
We urge you to check out the list of sponsors (a hard copy form will go up on the noticeboard at the Leigh Store) and ask you to please utilize their services and shops as your preferred vendors in our area.
We hope you all had a great day out and are looking forward to doing it all again in 2019!

Classroom Opening Ceremony

Ngā mihi nui to all who came along to our official opening for the classroom opening today! It was perfect weather for it and there was a great turn out from our lovely community, parents and official guests. Special thanks to the kapa haka group, Jake, Lili, Danyelle, Sonny & Te Ao for the powhiri. Thanks to all who helped get the classrooms here and the school looking wonderful – from initial planning & research through to building, landscaping, helping with the working bees etc. It was fantastic to see the school looking so incredible, (maybe the best it’s ever been!), with a revamped playground, lovely gardens and native trees, bright art work & murals, brand new classrooms, the whole school freshly repainted, the AMAZING pool refurbishment and even new library furniture. All ready for a wonderful end of term and a bright new 2018!

Grandparents’ Day 2017

We enjoyed a very well attended Grandparent’s Day on September the 20th. This day is a celebration of our kids and their grandparents, kaumatua & kuia and other special older people in their lives – so as well as Grandparents we also had aunties and uncles and others all come along. The kids took the adults off into their classrooms to show them their school work, various projects they’ve worked on this term and read to them etc. A lovely shared morning tea was enjoyed by all the grown ups and then it was on to sharing the arts projects that the kids have been doing with a generous group of community volunteers (and staff) this term.

Fire Brigade Visit

Errol, Tony and Mark from the Leigh Volunteer Fire Brigade visited Leigh School to teach the kids about how to be Fire Wise. Thank you guys, we learnt a lot and it was loads of fun! As well as practising how to get low and crawl, they also got to see the fire hoses in action.

We would love the opportunity to chat with you about our school and community, please feel free to call into the school or contact us.

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